A True Story...

While away from my three month old baby for the first time on an overnight trip, I was overwhelmed with emotions of love and gratitude for my sweet little girl. I grabbed a pen and pad from the hotel and began writing a letter to my daughter filled with all the love and amazement of a first time mother. I wrote about my hopes and dreams for her and included some life lessons. I realized at that moment that the letter I was writing to my daughter was a letter she would read one day and hopefully keep and cherish for the rest of her life. I wanted the paper and experience of writing to be as special as my words. I also wanted a special place to keep the letters so that one day I could present her with this gift of her mother's written words. This is the true story of how DEARnyc was born. -Kerith

About DEARnyc 

DEARnyc is a line of personalized luxury stationery sets to write letters to loved ones – letters for life – consisting of beautiful paper and envelopes, a writers pen, a letter writing guide, and a beautiful bound keepsake carrying case to store the letters and use to ultimately present your special letters for life. The DEAR website allows you to personalize the boxed set by choosing the stationery design and keepsake carrying case to be included in your set which will then be assembled by hand in New York City. Coming soon, the DEAR line will also include accessories that will help you save and store special items, such as photographs and mementos.
DEARnyc is committed to giving back to the community by donating products for charitable events and supporting different causes. Percentage of sales from one of a kind celebrity designs may be used for various charities. 


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